What is a natural hazard disclosure report anyway?

What is a natural hazard disclosure? I’m glad you asked!

A natural hazard is a condition that is capable of causing severe property damage or loss of life. It may include earthquakes, avalanches, tsunamis, floods and volcanic eruptions. Our reports give clear findings as to whether or not a property is or may be affected by one of these hazards. That’s vital information for anyone to know, wouldn’t you agree? Natural hazards exist all across our great Country, obviously. But knowing which ones exist near your current residence or potential residence isn’t always so obvious.

A Northwest Disclosure report should be used as a supplement to the Form 17, or the Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement. It highlights known natural hazards, as well as many man-made hazards. There are questions on the Form 17 that a seller may not have answers for, so purchasing a disclosure report from us can take the “I don’t know” factor out of the transaction. That’s great news for buyers, sellers and real estate agents! Eliminate the “I don’t know” factor. For real estate agents, eliminate those dreaded post-closing phone calls with questions like “why didn’t you tell us this?” Create trust with your clients and put everyone’s mind at ease by doing a great job at finding out and disclosing all you can about a property under consideration. The rewards are peace of mind, smooth transactions and satisfied buyers and sellers.

Visit our website at www.NorthwestDisclosures.com now for more detailed information or to order a report.

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