Consumer Action Group recommends Natural Hazards Reports as a Must Have for Home Buyers printed a great publication about the value of different inspections a home buyer can obtain during a real estate purchase. It’s plainly written and gives good advice regarding what to look for. I strongly suggest buyers check it out and insist on getting these reports during the transaction. It could save lots of grief, as well as tons of money.

This type of disclosure has been mandated in Calfornia for three decades. Why it’s not in Washington yet is beyond me. It’s something I’m working to change by launching Northwest Disclosures. Staying in the dark about hazards concerning the health and safety of my family is not an option. It’s my hope that others will agree with that position and insist on obtaining a hazard disclosure report when it’s time to buy. Sellers, you can benefit too. Look at the lawsuits that come about because of lack of disclosure during a deal. This report can help you protect against post-closing lawsuits. In fact, in Calfornia, it’s the seller that customarily provides this report to the buyer!

I hope you’ll take a minute to learn more about our company and how it can save you money, time and grief. You’ll be glad you did!

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